Leveldb v/s berkeley db

I had a requirement to index a good chunk of data (around 250M key value pairs) and wanted to try out both berkeleydb and leveldb. Here are some metrics when running on an amazon m1.xlarge machine. 

  1.  Time to build the index / db:
  • Berkeley DB: 1hr 52 minutes
  • Level DB: 33 minutes

    2.  Time to lookup 6719350 keys from the db (random lookup) on the second run 

  • Berkeley DB (cold): 25m 2s
  • Berkeley DB (hot): 1m 41s
  • Level DB (cold): 3m 16s
  • Level DB (hot) : 2m 18s

    3. DB Size

  • Berkeley DB: 9.5G
  • Level DB: 3.5G
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One Response to Leveldb v/s berkeley db

  1. Danielle says:

    Nice post. Would love to add your review of Oracle Berkeley DB to IT Central Station. Other Berkeley DB users have enjoyed using it as well: https://goo.gl/RPtwu3.

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